Una Road Map per Sassari

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Una Road Map per Sassari

Sassari historical districtis rich in history, art, culture, identity, but changes in demographic trends, community spirits, development patterns, climate, and other factors have generated challenges that the city must address to develop itself sustainably, to be economically competitive, and to retain a high quality of life for residents. Indeed, the district is characterized by a general lack of climate-resilient public spaces, densely inhabited areas, and low presence of green areas, not interconnected among them and mainly owned by privates. Furthermore, the historical center has progressively emptied of its inhabitants, and 30% of them are foreigners.

Sassari aims to become a more resilient city in the next future, in terms of climate adaptation to extreme events, but it also aims to be a more sustainable (economically and democratically), socially and culturally integrated city.

The SUSHI project will supply Sassari with a common framework for the transition of its historic center toward this vision through the development of a roadmap and a strategic plan.

The main pillar of this project is to aggregate and engage stakeholders and the historic district community to identify opportunities and define and co-design new identity for Sassari, based on green and cultural networks. This will be achieved, in the short term, though a number of different engaging events and with the involvement of a new governance partnership for adaptation to climate change, aimed also to promote social aggregation, to create a common collective identity, and to foster quality of life.

Through SUSHI, Sassari will also gain the possibility to better understand and finalize its historic district needs and thus to prepare the ground for other challenges, establish fruitful connections with other in place and programmed projects and activities, and to apply for further investments to concretize, in ten years, the proposed vision.